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SINFIT Protein Cookie

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Sinister Labs Sinfit Protein Cookies

It was only a matter of time before Sinister Labs released a tasty high protein cookie of their own, and WOW it doesn't disappoint! 

Sinfit protein cookies are soft baked to the core and perfect for the cookie lovers out there! Each cookie contains 20g protein and covered in an outer icing layer, giving you the perfect high protein sweet treat! Gluten-free and just 300 calories per 78g cookie. 

Available in delicious Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter flavours. 

Each birthday cake cookie is covered in a vanilla icing with fruit flavoured bits. An absolute must for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

Chocolate Chip Protein cookies are a chocolate lovers haven! Each chocolate chip cookie is covered with chocolate icing and chocolate chips! 

Finally, there just has to be one for the nut butter addicts. Peanut Butter Sinfit Protein Cookies are a peanut overload! Each cookie is covered in a peanut butter icing with peanuts scattered on top. 

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