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Christmas & New Year Plan

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Let us help you tackle the Christmas and New Year festivities while keeping your physique intact!

We have three amazing Christmas and New Year packages which will help you lean down in preparation for the feeding and drinking fest that is Christmas and New Year.  Then we will help you to rid your body of those unwanted pounds you will inevitable pack on while thoroughly enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!

Choose from these three great packages and get started as soon as possible.

Usual price £371 - Offer price £150 - Total saving £221!
Future Fitness Goodie Bag containing:
Future Fitness cap or vest
Future Fitness keyring and sticker
A selection of amazing supplement samples
Future Fitness Christmas survival guide

3 month gym membership
Separate personalised diet plans for November, December and January
Separate personalised training plans for November, December and January
A ½ price voucher for a 1 month Future Fitness membership for a friend

Usual price £565 - Offer price £200 - Total saving £365!
Everything listed within the Bronze Package plus

3 personal training sessions (one per month)
1 tub of whey protein
1 tub of BCAA
1 pot of fat burners
1 pot of Glutamine

Usual price £655 - Offer price £250 - Total saving £405!
Everything listed within the SilverPackage plus
An additional 3 personal training sessions (totalling two per month)

T’s & C’s
By purchasing any of these promotions you are agreeing to the following: All items within this promotion including products, memberships and personal training sessions are non-refundable and are not transferrable to anyone else.  Personal training sessions are not transferrable to anyone else and will expire by the end of 31st January 2020.  Personal training sessions can only be carried out at Future Fitness Gym, 42 Far Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5DW. Personal training sessions must be booked 1 week in advance. Cancellation of booked personal training sessions is required 24 hours prior to the beginning of the session otherwise the session will be lost.  Sessions are available on dates and times where the training is free. The 1/2 price Future Fitness 1 month membership voucher entitles 1 person who has never been a member at Future Fintess before 1 month at half of the normal retail price. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet, exercise or supplementation program. This plan is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.  If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your doctor before continuing.  All information presented within this plan is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of a doctor or other medical professional.  This plan does not give guidelines on how to perform exercises correctly and you are personally responsible for carrying out any exercises correctly and are liable for any injury caused while doing so.  This plan does not make any medical claims or warranties regarding the use of any products. The information presented is general in nature and the diet and exercises may not be for everyone.  You are responsible for any results from taking part in any part of this plan.