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Fulfill Vitamin and Protein Bar

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Fulfill bars are all about healthy indulgence. Our bars to taste really good and get you that gorgeous chocolate hit with the benefit of 20g of protein and some great nutrition. They are high in fibre and have 100% of the RDA for 9 essential vitamins.

Taste, texture and functionality. Fulfil is low in sugar with less than 3g in every bar.

Fulfil is a bar with benefits: 20g of protein, low in sugar and packed with vitamins and fibre. It is a great alternative to empty-calorie snacks if you get hungry in between meals. We are also great after training for some extra protein when you need it.

Fulfill bars contain bovine gelatin so they are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Fulfill bars are designed with adults in mind. The vitamins and fibre we add are in amounts recommended for adults and, although it won't harm your children if they accidentally eat one of our bars, we do suggest that you keep them all for yourself.

The protein in Fulfil is mainly milk whey protein and in some of the bars, soy protein.

Our bars do not have any gluten-containing ingredients but they are made in a facility that handles wheat and gluten so we cannot guarantee that our bars are gluten free.

Between  185 and 208 calories per bar.

It is hard to get chocolate to taste the way we like without at least a little sweetness and we don't want to add sugar. This is why we use some sweeteners to get the great taste we want and you enjoy.  We use stevia and erythritol in all of our bars and xylitol in some (there's no xylitol in our Strawberry and Vanilla; Cookies and Cream or our Coconut and Chocolate bars).

Allergens: The protein in Fulfil is mainly milk whey protein and in some of the bars, soy protein. So, if these are your triggers, stay clear. We also contain a little lactose. As for other allergens, check the packs as they are a little different depending on which flavour you choose. Our bars are also made in a facility that handles lots of other foods including: wheat, gluten, egg, nut, peanut and sesame seed products.

We have worked hard to include only the best ingredients that we know are safe. People can feel a bit funny about E numbers and additives but it helps if you know not all E numbers and additives, are bad, many come from safe, natural sources. Lots of Vitamins have E numbers. For example, E300 is actually Vitamin C!

These vary slightly per bar but as a general guide one bar will give you:

20g of protein

10g of carbs

7g of fat

Check the nutrient labels on different flavours as they do vary slightly.

We add 100% of the RDA of nine different vitamins.

These are: Thiamine (vitamin B1), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin (vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.